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We know that having cancer at a young age can be isolating and lonely - and we’re working to change that. We provide support and activities both online and in person.


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Information on topics that we know are important to young adults living with a cancer diagnosis. We also share some of our favourite organisations. 


All about Shine

Shine is working to create a community of young adults with cancer. All of our work is designed to bring people closer together and ensure that they get the support the need. 

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About Shine

Shine exists exclusively to support adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s who have experienced a cancer diagnosis. There is never a good time to have cancer, but we know that younger adults face different issues than their older or younger counterparts - and that many of these are not dealt with by traditional cancer support charities and services.

  • Our vision is that every adult in the UK living with cancer in their 20s, 30s or 40s can access the help and support that they need in a way that suits their lifestyle, and that they are a part of a confident, supportive and empowered community of young adults living with cancer.
  • Our mission is to provide tailored information and peer support for anyone in their 20s, 30s or 40s diagnosed with any cancer. We do this through a range of activities including lunches and drinks evenings, beach walks, multi-day getaways, workshops, online networking, and mentoring.

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Events in your area
Want to meet up with other younger adults facing cancer?

Our Networks are not typical support groups: we don’t meet in hospitals, there is no set agenda, and we never sit around in a circle ‘sharing’! Our Shine Networks meet up on a regular basis for drinks, dinner, beach walks, bowling and more. And as a bonus, Shine always buys the first round!

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Laura has worked in various roles within NHS clinical research for over fifteen years. She is particularly passionate about advocating for the design, delivery and awareness of innovative, high quality research to improve the treatment, quality of life and outcomes for patients, now and in the future. She now leads a team of research coordinators and support staff ,and supports a wide range of clinicians and academics with the design and delivery of their research endeavours. 

Laura worked in cancer research for a number of years, meeting Emma in early 2010. She soon became involved supporting Shine and raising awareness of the fabulous support that Shine offers to young adults with cancer. As her passion and enthusiasm grew, she became a volunteer in the run up to the launch of the Small C project. She is very proud to be a Trustee for Shine and is currently the charity secretary.

As well as working for Bournemouth Hospital and her Trustee work, Laura is a Visiting Associate for Bournemouth University's Centre of Postgraduate Medical Research and Education, a Professional Member of the Institute of Clinical Research and a qualified coach with the NHS TVWLA. She can often be found at Shine events behind the camera.