Come Shine with Me

Come Shine with Me

You've seen the TV show. Think you can do better?

Now is your chance to prove it while helping young adults with cancer!!

Invite your friends round for Come Shine with Me dinner and ask them to score you by donating an amount of money to Shine Cancer Support. You decide the minimum and maximum donations based on what you and your friends would normally spend on a night out.

Sounds great, how do I get started?

Anyone can host a Come Shine with Me Dinner. Just round up some mates and invite them over for a homemade dinner.  Download our invitation that explains how it works – you’ll be asking your friends to score your dinner by making a donation to Shine. You set the donation level to match what you’d normally spend on a night out.

What should I cook?

You can cook anything you like to cheese sandwiches to steak tartar but if you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve teamed up with the amazing Mariacristina from Italian food blog Coochinando. She’s put together four menus using recipes from her blog.  The menus vary by difficulty so you can decide how adventurous you’re feeling.

Take a look at our sample menus

What do I do with the money I’ve collected?

Once you’ve collected the donations, click this link to donate them to us directly? Make sure to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we know when you’ve made your donation and we can then enter you in the draw.

Need help or need to do it another way? Let us know and we can help.

Maximise the amount you raise

  • In addition to the dinner, there are loads of other ways you can raise more money on the night. Some ideas:
  • Have your guests give additional donations to take the left overs home. If you’ve got lots of dessert left this will stop you from eating it all!
  • Bake bread or cakes for your guests to take home with them (for a donation, of course)
  • Have a raffle or auction unwanted Christmas/birthday gifts
  • Do a gaming challenge or quiz at the dinner


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