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for coping with anxiety and depression after a cancer diagnosis

Podcasts about Anxiety and Depression

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    Shh: We don't talk about cancer: How do we respond when someone tells us to keep quiet about our diagnosis? In this episode Tatum talks to three guests who've had that experience. Jelilat Oyetunji, Precious Jason & Anoushe Husseiney share how they reacted and let us in on how their responses evolved over time.
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    Menage a Trois - otherwise known as Anxiety, Stress & PTSD: In this, the third show in the series, Tatum talks to three young adults that have all faced a diagnosis of cancer and then coped with symptoms of anxiety, stress or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Richard, Greig & Natalie discuss their experiences and talk about ways of coping.
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    Scanxiety: Tatum interviews Ceinwen Giles, a founding Trustee of Shine, and then talks about "scanxiety" with Christopher and Meera, two young adults living with cancer.


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