Our impact

We know that our support makes a difference! Our 2013 Impact Survey found:

  • 85% of respondents felt comforted by attending a Shine event
  • 75% were happier than before they attended a Shine event
  • 74% of people who attended a Shine event were more hopeful about the future

Respondents also told us that the some of the best things about Shine are:

      • Knowing that you’re not alone
      • Meeting others in the same situation as them
      • Not necessarily talking about cancer all the time – but knowing that the people you’re with just“get it”

The deeper support offered through our Great Escape has also been highly effective. Our 2013 Escapees told us that:

      • 96% felt that they are better emotionally supported after attending the Escape
      • 96% felt less isolated as a result of the Escape
      • 91% rated the connections they made with other young adults as either “great” or “very good”
      • 96% were more hopeful as a result of attending the Escape

Six months later, we found that all (100%!) of Escapees were in touch with someone they met at the Escape and 100% felt that the Escape had enabled

them to move forward in their cancer experience.

You can read more about our work in our Annual Reports: